About Heather HomeMaker

Hello friends!

My name is Heather, and I scientist who has stubbornly brought home her work with her: chemistry in the kitchen. I started baking in grad school, and fell in love with that feeling of giving someone your creation. Baking is a science. As long as you can measure quantitatively, hone specific techniques, and follow a protocol step-by-step, you should be able to master any recipe.

All of my favorite things: Joe, science, and sweets. (Picture Credit: Shannon Cunningham)

I started this blog because I was frequently losing recipes, and I wanted a more permanent spot to catalog all my favorites. So here, I will chronicle my baking adventures as well as occasionally subject you to some of science behind cooking. Because…let’s face it…science is cool.

To learn more about my academic career, check out http://heathermjensen.wordpress.com/


Love the science. Be the science. (Picture credit: Brennan Angel)