Brownie Present!

Hey guys!

I was tasked with making something (besides cake) for a party at work celebrating a labmate’s recent nuptuals! YAY! So I made something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Brownies! But not just any brownies. Brownies decorated with powdered sugar to look like a present.

A chocolate-y present just for you! :)

A chocolate-y present just for you! ūüôā

This little project is also perfect for baby/bridal showers and maybe even for that Super Bowl party you’re going to tomorrow! (Go Ravens!)

First start with your favorite brownie recipe. Mine is a King Arthur Flour recipe. It’s the only brownie recipe I have found worth making from scratch. See KAF’s blog post on the recipe to get their tips on making the perfect¬†consistency as well as a lovely, flakey crust.¬†Make sure you have a high quality sugar-free dutch processed cocoa powder for that recipe. My favorite is KAF’s double dutch dark cocoa, but I have also used Lake Champlain’s unsweetened cocoa with great success (plus it’s fair trade!). MEGA YUM. Otherwise, for a quick fix, I’d recommend the Ghirardelli¬†triple chocolate brownie mix. ¬†I made a 9″x13″ pan, but this totally works with an 8″x8″ if you don’t want to tempt yourself by having that many brownies around!

That’s the easy part. Well, actually the decorating is easy too. First you’ll want to make a bow template out of cardstock. If you’re amazing and can cut that blind, then go for it. Otherwise, feel free to borrow the template I made.

Wrap it all up with a bow

Wrap it all up with a bow

PDF download here: brownie bow template

If you have cardstock, I’d highly recommend using it to print the stencil. You’ll need to lift off the excess powdered sugar from the brownie with the stencil and doing this on regular, floppy paper (like I did) is difficult.


Cut the template bow from the print-out, and place it on your brownies. Use a sifter to gently snow a layer of powdered sugar all over the brownies. I actually used a whole-leaf tea strainer to do the sifting, and it worked really well.


Now is the time you probably wish you skipped that 3rd cup of coffee in the morning. Carefully lift up the stencil without disturbing any of the powdered sugar that collected on top during sifting. You’ll want to have a trash can close by to drop the stencil into. (Or a broom to clean the floor.)

A present for you!

A present for you!

Now that’s enough making these¬†delicacy¬†cute…DIG IN!



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