Holiday decorations part 1: corn “wreath”

By “wreath” I mean door hangy thingy. But “wreath” sounds much more elegant. Must be the silent “w.” Bonus: this beautiful decoration only costs $7.50!

Fall in five minutes!


  • Single or double faced satin ribbon in a fall-color. I went with orange for that Thanksgiving feel. I got a 12′ spool in 1.5″ width for $3.50.
  • Dried decorative corn. We got ours at Berkeley Bowl for ~$2 each.
  • A nail or other type of hanger on your door.

Use different colors for the dried corn to add complexity for the eye

Directions: This one is so dang simple, it will take you 5 minutes. If the corn husks are tied together with a rubberband, go ahead and cut the rubberband off. Tie the husks together with string or a short piece of the ribbon. Trim the ends of the ribbon/string. Wrap ribbon around the tie sight to make a thick band. Tie that off in the back. Cut a length of ribbon to hang the corn by. Wrap the ribbon around the band and make a loop by tying a knot. Trim all the ends.

This is the tie after the final product. You can hide the knots with the final bow.

Finally cut one  more length of ribbon to make your bow! Hang, and you’re all done!

If you want to do a bit of a splurge, buy some ribbon with wired edges to tie the bow. This will help shape the bow.

A perfect decoration to great your guests this Thanksgiving!

Enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving!


5 thoughts on “Holiday decorations part 1: corn “wreath”

  1. love it! in thepastI have used a bouquet of the little corn or added fabric leaves to to the wreath. you have some of the best ideas and they remind me to get in gear… 😀

  2. Loves it! Let’s make a shout out to Barbara McClintock, an awesome American geneticist (and Nobel Prize winner!) who discovered transposons by studying those awesome multicolor corn =)

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