It’s avocado season! Time for some guac! If you can’t find ripe avocados at your grocery store, put your unripe avo’s in a paper bag and roll the bag closed. Let them hang out for a few days, and they will ripen. They ripen the same way bananas do, so if you need them ripe quickly, you can throw in a very ripe banana into the paper bag to quicken the process.

Directions: Squeeze the juice from 1.5 limes into a small bowl. Slice open your avocados and use your knife to remove the pit. Then use your knife to slice up your avocado halves into a cross hatch. (Similar to how you cut a mango.) Then scoop out the flesh with a large spoon.

Use a fork to “mush” the avocado pieces to a mostly smooth consistency. Mix in the salt now. You should make sure to add the lime and salt early in the mixing because that preserves the beautiful green color. Otherwise it will start to oxidize (turn brown). If you want a bit of a kick, you can add the flesh of a whole fresno chile pepper. Jalepeño is also okay, but I find that the flesh of a fresh fresno is more flavorful in uncooked dishes, like dips and so forth. If you have access to disposable gloves, you should consider using them while cutting chiles to prevent accidentally spicing your eyeballs later in the day.

Lastly all you have to do is chop up the onion and tomato! I used half of a large yellow onion and half of a large hothouse tomato. Add, mix well, and done! We forgot the cilantro this time, but you can take it or leave it depending on your preference.

We rarely have chips in the house, so we’re eating ours with carrots and crackers.

I’ve been going back and forth on whether this is healthy. And I’ve decided, yes. The fats of an avocado, although abundant, are the “good” fats. Plus avocados have even more potassium than bananas, which make them a good work out recovery food. So for those reasons, I’m going to call this one healthy in moderation.

For you weight watchers out there, about 1/4 C of this recipe is 2 WWpts+. I’ll post a “faux”-camole recipe this week if you love guac but want a lightened version of the treat.



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