Kumquat Mojito

I still have a couple jars of candied kumquats in my fridge from when the kumquat fairy graced me with loads of kumquats. And considering that I still have another ~2lbs of kumquats in my freezer, I decided it was time to get a move on with finding more uses for my sweet little ‘quats! The first use for them was for cardamom and candied kumquat sugar cookies.

The candied kumquats are completely unlike the original fruit. They have completely lost all acidity, which is a really neat trick because now you can control the level of citrus by adding lime or lemon juice. So basically, they’d be perfect to adapt into recipes that are mostly sweet with a note of citrus. At this point I was also craving strawberry mint mojitos from my friend Emily’s blog. (Don’t they look amazing?) Then it clicked! Kumquat Mojitos!

Step 1: Make candied kumquats.

Directions: Squeeze half a lime into each glass. Add about 5 torn mint leaves and 2-3 teaspoons of the candied kumquats. Muddle! I don’t have a muddler, so I used the back end of a wooden spoon to mush everything together. And no need to be meticulous while measuring. It all depends on your mood. If you want a bigger kick of citrus, add more lime. For a sweeter drink, add more kumquat.

Next just add one shot of rum, ice, and club soda! Voila!

And time to sit back and enjoy!

For anyone wanting the festive summery feel of this drink, but without the calories, just skip the rum. It’s delicious as is! Just one note: the mint floats on the surface making it a challenge to drink without getting mint in your teeth. You can use a fork to skim off the extra mint at the top.

WWpts+ for 1 8 fl oz drink = 5-6 with rum, 2 with no rum.



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