Success Souffle

Some of you know that I’m a dedicated (…well…mostly dedicated…) Weight Watchers® member (aka Chubba Wubba Club). However, I have this slight problem: I love baking! I’m also a notorious food pusher. (Definition of food pusher: he or she who brings unhealthy foods to work or get-togethers and insists that everyone try some.) Yes, I’m guilty. But I just love the feeling you get when you feed someone’s appetite!

Well, at our Chubba Wubba meeting this last week, our fearless leader had these cute little cards with a “recipe” called Success Soufflé. So of course I had to share with y’all!

Directions: Mix thoroughly, folding in morsels of motivation. Knead well until great ideas begin to rise. Shape into your own wonderful future and cook well. (Do not under-cook. Watch for half-baked ideas.) Tastes best if dined on daily. Share with a friend and it doubles in size!

This has inspired me to challenge myself this summer. My goal is to limit my anti-chubba-wubba club baked goods. Instead, I will focus on fresh, colorful, and lightened-up foods.  I’ll post all the recipes that fit under this challenge under the new tab “Healthy.” I will also post Chubba Wubba points (“WWpts+”) for anyone out there in the cool kids club.

Catch phrase of the summer!

And because you’re thinking about souffle, I’ll plan on posting a “guilt-free” version of a chocolate soufflé sometime this week! (Yum!)

Do you have any goals or plans for the summer?



One thought on “Success Souffle

  1. haha chubba wubba points! I’m giving up processed sugar and refined sugar in baked goods for the summer. I’m posting a naturally sweetened apple/blueberry crisp this week! Love your enthusiasm!

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