Thanksgiving: The cooking schedule

Now that I’m in an adequate food coma, the food is put away, and Nana is being dropped off by my Daddy, it is time to start posting. The first thing to consider: the schedule.

In order to have  a successful Thanksgiving, you have to plan. Every family is probably going to have a slightly different schedule based on their traditional family recipes, how much oven room you have (thank goodness my Mom’s kitchen has a double oven), and the size of the turkey. Here is our schedule.


If you have a frozen turkey, now’s the time to take it out and make space in your fridge.


If you’re using fancy dishes or actual silverware, take the time now to make sure they are clean and polished. My folks have had construction going on the last few months on their home, so my Mom ran everything through the dishwasher to make sure there was no dust.

And I don’t know much about polishing silver, other than it takes a long time. So again, now’s the time to do it so you don’t have to worry about it on cooking day.


Make cranberry sauce

Make dough for pumpkin pie

(Refrigerate both overnight)

Thursday, the big day:

8:30 am – Start making the pumpkin pie

9:00 am – This year, a new thing for us will be the bread cornucopia. Start right after the pie is in the oven.

10:30 am – Have the stuffing ingredients chopped and cooking on the stovetop.

11:30 am – Goal time to get the turkey in the oven now. We put ours in at 11:15, so it will be done anywhere from 4:00 – 4:45.  Also set up giblets for gravy.

(Break time)

1:30 pm – Break time is over. Scrub the sweet potatoes. Start peeling potatoes. Also start trimming your green beans.

2:00 pm – Start boiling sweet potatoes

3:00 pm – Start assembling sweet potato dish (set aside when done). Start boiling green beans.

3:15 pm – Start assembling green bean dish.

3:30 pm – Put both green beans and sweet potatoes in oven.  Also start boiling potatoes.

4:00 pm – The turkey this year was done way early. Take it out.

4:15 pm – Start the witchcraft that is making gravy.

4:30 pm – Start mashing potatoes.

5:00 pm – Everything should be out of the oven by now!


So now I will try to go through and post the recipes in the order performed.



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