Rye and Pumperickel Breads

I love the flavors in rye and pumpernickel bread. They are perfect for a meaty sandwich and to soak up the juices or sauce left over on your plate after dinner. Last week, I made a pretty basic rye loaf, and this week I made the more complex pumpernickle loaf.

Directions for both: Add the liquids to the bottom of the bread machine pan first. Gently pile the solid ingredients (except the yeast) on top of the liquid. Make a little pit in the solids for to pile in the yeast, making sure it doesn’t wet. Set the bread machine to the wheat cycle. Remove from the pan and let cool on a wire rack.

Light Rye

The light rye was AWESOME. It was nice and airy, and I loved the extra rye flavor with the caraway seeds.


The pumpernickel is a more hearty bread and it really holds up well for a heavy sandwich. Definitely make sure you have the roast beef nearby!

Overall, I’m a big sucker for the flavor of rye. I loved both breads, but I think the light rye is my fave. Just like the Russian Kulich, I love having extra bits of flavor in my bread, so the caraway seeds won me over. But these are both solid recipes, so I hope that as the weather gets colder, and you want a hot sandwich to keep your hands warm, that you’ll be able to reach to one of these breads!



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