That’s it for now!

OKAY! That ends my posting spree. I have two more posts to look forward to: whoopie pies and chocolate cupcakes with caramel frosting.

So to finish my posting binge, I’d like to post some funny pictures of Joe and I around the house.

Pasta fail

Nap time with my uke, Beethoven, and my laptop

And now that I’ve made fools of us 🙂 Here are some nice pic’s from when we went out to Chez Panisse. (Thanks Momma and Pappa Hickey! And I promise I will post the series of pics we took at dinner soon too!)

My dad also came up to the bay area recently for work, and brought me some bell peppers fresh from his garden. Thus I had an awesome breakfast the next morning.

so pretty!!

Fried egg, toast, peppers and a slice of tom!

Aaaaaand goodnight!


2 thoughts on “That’s it for now!

  1. Dad is justifiably proud of his bell peppers. Me, I won’t touch ’em. Heartburn central

    Love all these posts today. You’ve got me thinking about those brownies!

  2. Oh they were SO good! And the brownies are awesome, but I never make them unless I have someone else to give them to! Otherwise, I’ll eat like 5. Bad news!

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