Ninja Brownies

In my experience, homemade brownies have the least “return profit” out of all of baked goods. By “return profit,” I mean the relative deliciousness of the homemade baked good vs the from-the-box baked good. Then you also have to consider the amount of time, equipment, special ingredients, dishes…..So like I was saying, I find making homemade brownies hard to justify when Ghirardelli makes an amazing brownie mix already. Until today…

In my KAF order (sponsored by Mom&Dad), I got this super amazing dark cocoa powder called Double Dutch Dark Cocoa. Every single KAF recipe I’ve tried so far has been 100% incredible, so I figured if anyone could show me a brownie recipe worth making, it would be them. So check out KAF’s Fudge Brownie Recipe. I won’t re-post the recipe, because theirs is perfect as-is!

As the batter came together, it was shiny, silky, and black as night. So I have thus dubbed them Ninja Brownies. The flavor isn’t too sweet, but instead is more of a bittersweet chocolate. In the couple of times I have made these recipes, I ended up baking them for 45 to 55 minutes because the center hadn’t cooked through, so make sure to have toothpicks nearby to test the center! But the texture was just right: chewy center, with a nice shiny, flaky top. So thaaaaank youuuuuu, King Arthur Flour!

Next time I make them, I’ll be sure to take pictures!



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