Berry Bread Puddin’

I know summer is officially over for most of the US, but in NorCal, we didn’t get summer this year. So I was excited when Indian Summer started to kick in this week. (Although I guess Indian Summer is a misnomer since it isn’t a surprise when our fall is warmer than the summer.) Aaaanyway, this is a perfect summer treat, so you should make it before the berries start to disappear!

I used fresh, homemade coconut bread, but you can use any soft white bread for this pudding.

And all you need for this is bread, berries and sugar!

Directions: Cut the bread so that it covers all sides of a medium bowl. My bowl was about 7″ in diameter at the top. Save some bread for the top!

Mix the berries and the sugar together in a large pot, and heat on low until the sugars meld with the fruit and everything looks shiny and awesome.

The scoop the berries and juices into your bread bowl.

Keep going!

Top the berries with the remaining bread.

Cover with plastic wrap and use a plate and a can to squish everything together; set-up as below.

Put your little feat of baking architecture in the fridge and let it sit at least overnight. When you’re ready to enjoy in your creation, take apart your assembly. Put your serving platter on top of the bowl, and carefully flip!

Ready. Set. Get yer face full of berry puddin’!



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