Spicy Nut Butter

Hahaha, I said nut butter.

In all seriousness…spicy peanut butter is my new favorite thing. I already showed you guys the chili baked apples, and this is sort of a stem from that basic line of spicy snacks. And it is beyond simple. All you do is take your favorite brand of peanut butter and mix in your favorite brand of hot sauce. To enhance the success of your spicy, creamy goodness (TWSS?), I’d recommend using creamy peanut butter over crunchy as well as a non-chunky hot sauce like Sriracha, Crystal, or Taptio. (I used Crystal.)

All you do is microwave a few big spoonfuls of peanut butter in a medium bowl to loosen it up a bit. Then mix in your hot sauce until desired heat level is reached. Then spread it on EVERYTHING you eat. 🙂 CherBear (my coworker) and I have been heating my batch up in the microwave and then dipping our lunch veggies in it, like celery and snap peas. Also, it would be awesome on apples. Mmmmmmm.



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