Pumpkin Seeds

Joe and I carved our goofy pumpkins for Halloween!

And of course we collected the seeds for roasting! And I have to admit, every year I am fearful of soggy seeds. I love ’em crisp with a nice toasted flavor. So after navigating through several comments on online food sites, I finally came up with this recipe.

Directions: Scoop the guts of the pumpkin out into a bowl. Separate the seeds from the guts. Rinse them a few times in cold water. (It’s ok if there are still a few bits of guts in there.) Boil the pumpkin seeds in strongly salted water for 20 minutes. (You’ll start to see an orange foam…that’s the protein from pumpkin guts that coated the seeds denaturing. Yay science!) In the meantime, preheat the oven to 300°F. After boiling, drain the seeds and rinse the orange foam away. At this point the seeds will look grey. {**Optional: melt butter and coat seeds. See note below.} Season the seeds well with salt. Spread your seeds into one layer on cookie sheets (lined with parchment paper if you don’t want to clean later). This comes out to about 1.5 C seeds per cookie sheet. Bake for 45 minutes. Let them cool on the cookie sheet.

**Here is where you have to make some decisions…do you want to use fat or not? I baked my seeds both ways to see which I like best. The seeds sans butter are crispier and have a true pumpkin seed flavor. In contrast, the buttered seeds are a bit softer and have a more rich flavor (mmmm butter). However, I will warn y’all that the ones with butter were only tasty immediately after baking. The day after, they had a very chewy texture that was not appealing (my dad tried them and was NOT a fan).

So my verdict: the non-buttered seeds are the winner!

Non-buttered seeds are the winner!

Finally, if you want to add some other flavors, try substituting the salt with Lowry’s seasoning salt or garlic salt. Another way to enjoy them is by sprinkling some brown sugar on top after they have baked.



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