HomeMaking Tip

So since I claim that I’m a homemaker, I have to give homemaking tips every once in a while, right? Here’s my first.

My previous apartment had a white kitchen sink that stained like nobody’s business. If there wasn’t a couple drops of red wine stains, it was a nice brown color from leftover coffee. On top of that there was no garbage disposal, so we had to use Draino every couple of months to clear out little bits of food that made it past the drain strainer. Well this led to an amazing discovery…the pasts of the sink that the Drano had splashed on was sparkling white! The Drano cleaned those stains within 5 minutes without any scrubbing or scratching. So I decided to dilute some of the Drano in water to see if it would clean the rest of the stains. Success! I put on some nitrile gloves and just dipped a sponge (NOT the same one that we used for dishwashing…that would be so gross eW!) into the diluted Drano and whipped the surface very gently until the stains dissolved. Then I rinsed the entire area with copious amounts of water. Presto-change-o! The sink was as white as freshly fallen snow.

I will say that this cleaning method is *definitely*not* an every day method. Drano is *extremely* basic (pH > 12, see the MSDS for the various Drano types here), meaning it could harm you!  Use gloves! If you use your bare hands, the basicity will make your hands feel slippery because it has emulsified all of the natural oils on your hands. If your skin is exposed to Drano, rinse with water for 15-20 minutes, as stated in the MSDS. If the exposed area is not rinsed well, it could cause a skin burn. In addition, I’m not so sure that your sink will appreciate being bombarded by base all the time. But to put you environ-conscious peeps at ease, all water that goes down your drain is treated, so it shouldn’t harm the environment.

Anyway, this is a useful tip for spring cleaning or if you need to do some serious cleaning for moving out of an apartment. But remember: be safe! Use gloves! After all, “they are the underpants of the hands.” -Phil, Better off Ted. (I wish I could link the video to this amazing quote…but alas ABC took B.O.T. off of Hulu…the bastards! But while trying to find that video, I found this….Awesome.)



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