Cinnamon Roll Fail

Hey all!

At the advice of my personal counsel* (and I’m sure she will object to being called that because of some conflict of interest in being my sister or what-not), Kimberlina Ballerina has advised me to not post previously published recipes b/c of copyright laws. Well, ok, sister! Be all lawyery and stuff! :p

But that’s besides the point…Cinnamony goodness is my point!

My buddy Leah and I get together whenever we can on the weekends to do what we’ve dubbed F-Art: Food Art. Yes, we are clever. And yes, UC Berkeley will eventually name us both Elmer PhuDs. Anyway, Leah had been traveling a lot recently, and we finally got together yesterday to make pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Leah found the recipe from an AMAZING food blog called Broke Ass Gourmet. You can find the recipe here.

Well, neither of us has ever made cinnamon rolls before. So our F-Art was not very arty. In a word, our rolls looked more like scones.

Cinnamon Roll Fail! But nonetheless delicious

Needless to say, we learned quite a bit about making cinnamon rolls yesterday:

  • The yeast type is important, even though it is left out in several online cinnamon roll recipes. I always have a jar of bread machine yeast in my freezer for my bread. But this type of yeast isn’t as fast-acting as other baker’s yeast. If you’re a fan of Fleischmann’s, you probably want to use the Rapid Rise variety. If you’re a fan of Red Star, you probably want the Quick-Rise variety. In any case, the bread machine yeast was way too slow.
  • After you roll the dough in the oil, it probably needs anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to rise. What you really want to see is that it grows to double to triple the original size, which will depend on your yeast.
  • The other sad problem we had was that the delicious butter and brown sugar mixture that is in the middle of the roll leaked out of the dough during baking. Nooooooooo! I think next time to fix that, I’ll probably line a 9×13″ baking pan with parchment paper instead of a cookie sheet. This way if the buttery-goodness leaks out, it won’t go to waste. See what I mean at this website.

All of that being said…WOW these are delicious. It’s just the right amount of pumpkin to make the flavor stand out. I would definitely add more of the pumpkin pie spices to the recipe, but that’s because I usually double the cinnamon, clove, etc, amounts in all of my pie recipes. 🙂 Yum. And I must say that the icing recipe from Brokeass Gourmet is SO GOOD. We used heavy whipping cream instead of milk because I had some extra laying around and figured if it’s going to be icing, it better be icing. So despite all of our F-Art failure, this recipe is amazing!

Mmmmmm icing

Joe and I are going to be making the pumpkin mac-n-cheese from the same blog this week with the left-over pumpkin. I’m positive that it will be just as delicious!

Enjoy! 🙂

*Disclaimer…Kimbo is not my lawyer. She is just likes to point out when I do things wrong. Love you, big sis! 🙂


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