The week in science…

Hi all!

Once I start posting more regularly, I might be able to give my input into some of these science articles. For now, I’ll just post some of the more interesting stories I’ve seen in the last week.

1. “An office where 200 or 300 people work could produce about 2 kilowatts of power from pee.” See the article in Chemical Communications here.

2. This bit of news is a bit disturbing and yet really freakin cool: collagen corneas. If you are grossed out by things touching eyes, you should not watch the video.

3. A hit on stem cell research. *scientific progress is making a sad face*

4. Keep the drinks coming, bartender. I have school in the morning!

5. This is a big ol’ “DUH” moment. You made people stop exercising and stuff their faces and they gained weight. *Gasp* Then your metabolism changes??? [Sarcastically exclaims] Wow! I’m not sure why some studies get funded…

6. Perhaps one of the more interesting things I’ve read recently was this short summary of the ruling against the Virginia Attorney General asking to see information related to Dr. Mann’s federal grants. The comments below the article are especially interesting (read from the bottom up). I agree with the two that responded to xara‘s comment. If there is a problem with the grant application or use of grant money, it’s the responsibility of the agency funding the grant to investigate any suspicions. Especially critical is jim‘s comment: “Even if Professor Mann fabricated everything he ever published, it in no way negates the vast body of work from other scientists on climate change (which was clearly the goal of the Attorney General).” Which brings me to my final bit of news.

7. I’m sure you can find more recent articles than this one, but it’s been pretty interesting to see how Dr. Hauser from Harvard is going down after obviously “misinterpreting” (or perhaps fabricating) data back in 2002. Plus if you have access to the original article, it’s just bizarre. Anyway, I’d like to reiterate the quote above…just because there’s one crook in a field doesn’t mean that all of the research is crap.

Yay science!

Enjoy! 🙂


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