That new fangled contraption

My mom is really into the King Arthur Flour Company. She recently bought this “pie crust maker” for herself because of the high reviews and (lucky for me) also sent one my way! Today I gave this new fangled contraption a shot.

Pie Crust Maker

...really? a plastic zipper bag? ...hmm...let's give it a shot

The idea behind the pie crust maker is that you can roll out your pie crust in a non-stick bag, which saves you from using a pastry cloth and the sleeve on your rolling pin. When I first looked at what is essentially a circular zipper bag, I had a feeling that this will either fail…or it’s one of those ingenious ideas…like the guy that invented the pet rock!

What’s the verdict, Perry? Approaching pet rock status! The fact that I only have to clean a plastic bag instead of laundering my overused pastry cloth is a bonus for certain. My dough was a bit sticky in the end, but I have a feeling it is because our apartment tends to be warm in the afternoons (causing a wet pie dough). And although Alton Brown might refer to this gizmo as a uni-tasker, I’d tell him—“Fact: that is not a fact.” Because you could use this to roll out any other doughs like biscuits, sugar cookies, puff pastry, or scones! All-in-all, I give King Arthur’s pie crust maker an A-. I would have given it an A if it actually made me my pie crust. That’s just a poor product name. :p

But speaking of pie crust, I’d like to share my mom’s pie crust recipe! It’s never failed to impress. It not only has the perfect balance of salt, but it’s also delicate and flaky! Here’s the recipe for a double crust. And even if you’re making a pie that only requires a single crust recipe, just plan on making little ramekin apple tarts or something. You’ll want to use every last piece of dough somehow once you taste it!

Directions: Mix the flour and salt in a medium sized bowl. Cut in crisco and (slightly softened) butter until you form pea-sized clumps. Work in ice water with your fingers a little at a time until you have a doughy consistency. Don’t overwork the dough here! If you fear that your dough is too wet or too soft to work with, separate your dough into two balls, cover in suran, and refrigerate for 1 hr. Roll out first dough ball on a floured surface (like the pie crust maker). Flip into pie tin. Cut off extra crust with a knife (like Snow White). Add your filling (or blind bake depending on the recipe). Roll out the second dough ball and top your pie. Seal the two pieces of crust and make a decorative edge (like Snow White’s bird friends in the previous video…or you can use a fork). Make sure to vent the top of your pie or you’ll have a mini oven explosion!

Today I made a yummy blackberry pie from OregoN blackberries. They are a very reliable company to get canned fruit to make your desserts a bit simpler (and cheaper) to prepare. The link above is their recipe for a pie filling. I use their recipe w/ 5 T. total sugar and the juice of half a lemon. I also usually forget to dot the pie with butter before putting the top crust on, which doesn’t seem to change the flavor much to me,  so I’ve stopped doing it altogether.

Anyway, here is my finished product! Fact: it was yummy.

Just out of the oven

Just out of the oven!

Joe has his eye on the pie

Joe has his eye on the pie

Slice it up

Slice it up!

The damage

The damage

Thank goodness I have a 30 minute bike ride in the morning to burn all of that deliciousness off! 🙂



6 thoughts on “That new fangled contraption

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  2. Hey Heather!

    First off, love that you are taking time to make a blog! Second, your blog is grand.

    A couple quick things though, are you sure that your proportions are correct for the pie dough? 1/4c H2O for 2c flour seems a bit off. I would expect at least 1/2c water. Maybe heavy cream is missing?

    Also, a cool trick with shortening flour, is freezing your butter and/or lard and then “cutting” it in with a cheese grater over your kitchen aid with a dough hook. It allows you to do it really fast and gives perfect consistency.

    Best of luck with your blog!

  3. Ryaaaaan! 😀 Hey! We miss you at the MoFo!
    I love the tip of using a cheese grater to cut the butter! Genius! I’ll have to try that next time I make pie. 🙂
    And about the liquid, it sort of depends on what the moisture in the flour and in the room is. If your flour is particularly dry, it will take more water. I store my flour in the freezer, and it tends to collect moisture over time. But either way, you want the dough so it’s just formed, not wet. It’s a lot harder to roll out if it’s got too much water in it.
    And I’ve never tried adding heavy cream to the crust! That sounds wacky…like something Paula Deen would do 🙂 Haha
    Come back and visit us at the MoFo, yo! 😀

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